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      ABOUT US

      Ynnovate Sanzheng (Yingkou) Fine Chemicals Co., Ltd. (hereinafter called “Ynnovate Sanzheng”)  was set up on Oct.19, 2012 ,Registered capital of Ynnovate Sanzheng is RMB 16,800.00. Parties of the company are Guangdong Malion New Material Co.,Ltd, Yingkou Fuqing Chemical Partnerhsip Enterprise (Limited Partnership)...

      • 3 get together cyanogen chloride
      • 3 get together cyanogen chloride
      • 10 sodium sulphate
      • Ammonium sulfate
      • Sodium hypochlorite
      • Hydrochloric acid
      • Circular
      • three signs
      • spirit
      • Identification

      To form the most perfect circular economy industry chain in the world

      All production equipment is evaluated by HAZOP, the highest standard in Europe

      Low management system through the GB/T19001-2008, GB / 24001-2004, GB/T28001 standard integration certification as a socially responsible corporate citizen, camp in three of the principles of responsible care, continuous improvement in the development concept, actively fulfill the social responsibility, has the perfect staff occupational health, safety and environmental management system as the primary pursuit of sustainable development.

      The water plant was completed and put into production, and the production of the cyanide containing cyanide wastewater was put back into the production of chlorine-alkali, and a step was taken to improve the circular economy industry chain.

      Chlor-alkali and sodium cyanide by-product hydrogen and ammonia plant facilities, applied in the production of sodium cyanide liquid ammonia from the back of waste heat and steam for 3 get together cyanogen chloride production, to the circular economy into the historic leap in the process.

      The company was established in April 1988, then called yingkou city organic chemical plant. Of the three units, the yingkou petrochemical research institute occupies 10%, the remaining 90% is 100 %, the yingkou rubber products factory accounts for 65 %, and the water supply town industrial company accounts for 35 %. Product 3 get together cyanogen chloride by three cyanogen chloride molecules polymerization, and each cyanogen chloride molecule is composed of carbon, chlorine, nitrogen (C.N.C L) three elements, factories and products has close relationship with the "three". "Three" is a lucky number, symbolizing the good fortune; "Three" is another foundation, which symbolizes stability and unlimited development.

      The "double" symbol symbolizes the strength of the people and the prosperity of the people. Positive, upright, just, and fair, symbolizing the character and morality of the three. The long march also has the struggle to strive, the future is big, to build a century base industry. "Three character" is a trademark of the company's leading product 3 get together cyanogen chloride, to form a joint-stock company started in 1997 as the company's name, and in 2005 was awarded as "China well-known trademark", at the time the national chemical products, the "three character" is the only brand to receive this honor

      A meticulous work ethic; The entrepreneurial spirit of hard struggle;

      The master spirit of a factory; Strict management of the factory spirit;

      Public devotion; Aggressive pioneering spirit.


      Core elements:

      The sun

      A runway with three heads and tails

      The clever combination of three runways and sun patterns and the fusion of "three signs" also reflect the strong cohesion of the enterprise.

      The three runways symbolize the three of the three. The three runways are closely connected and surrounded by the sun, which indicates that the generation of three people will persevere and work together to create the lasting glory of the three signs.

      The three runways are smooth and dynamic, giving people the feeling of being fast and fast, which shows that the company is an enterprise with innovative consciousness and entrepreneurial passion.



      • ESH ESH

        In 2005, the national industry was the first to pass quality system certification

      • The enterprise culture The enterprise culture

        Over the years, the company has passed publicity slogans, full staff training, conference presentations, publicity columns...

      • The human resources The human resources

        Value people, respect people, believe that employee progress is closely related to enterprise development.


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